What To Do About Lighting Fixtures

What To Do About Lighting Fixtures

Every good home needs a few lights in every room.  That’s not a question.  However, what is a question is what kind of light fixtures you should use to hold your bulbs.  There are thousands of possible options and several distinct classes of lights:

  • Recessed lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Wall lights
  • Dimmable lights
  • Cabinet lights
  • Floor lamps
  • Table lamps

You could have all of these options and then some in an average house, but there’s more to it than just where the light is and what kind of bulbs you use.  A good home can use light fixtures as a way to coordinate with the rest of the room’s décor.  There are several things to consider when doing so.

Create Islands Of Light

Many homes these days use an open concept, which means fewer doors and doorways to separate areas like kitchens and dining rooms and family rooms.  However, these open rooms can still have their own identities and style choices, and you can use lighting instead of doorways to separate each room after night falls.  By setting your lights near the centers of rooms or along closed-off corners, you can create islands of light that illuminate one room or one hallway area so it will focus your attention where it needs to go.

Extra Visibility Means Extra Coordination

Ceiling lights and hanging lights are easy to spot from neighboring rooms, especially in an open-concept plan.  While lights can create islands at night, during the day you can see clear down a hallway and into several rooms when you have an open floor plan.  Lights on the ceiling are easy to spot, and so you can use them to coordinate with the room concept they’re in and all the neighboring rooms that can easily see them.  It can be harder to settle on a single fixture that fits every room’s style but there are thousands of options out there.

You Have Options For Covering Bulbs

Few people like the look of a bare light bulb.  The glare can distract you and make it hard to concentrate on other things, and the harsh lighting creates hard shadows and pools of darkness.  Unless you want your home to look like the setting of a neo-noir story, it’s important to have a shade or a recessed bulb that keeps the direct light out of your eyes and scatters the indirect light to give you softer shadows and a brighter room.  Fortunately, there are plenty of light fixtures that come with exciting shades that add to your room’s design.

Lighting fixtures are an important part of interior decoration both during the day and after nightfall.  Where you place each light can impact how well your room brightens up at night, and what materials you use can go a long way to complementing your home’s style, especially when it comes to hanging lights and open floor plans.  At Global Construction, we remodel both businesses and homes with an eye to modern style, so contact us if it’s time for your rooms to get a whole new view.