Discover The Appeal Of Modern Countertop Design

Discover The Appeal Of Modern Countertop Design

There are many beautiful choices available in modern countertop material. But there’s more to a countertop than how it looks. Below are important attributes to consider, as well as a list of modern materials that hold their value and will look good for years to come. 

Important Attributes For Your Modern Countertop

From functional to fashionable, good modern countertops should have several important attributes. The best countertops should be: 

  • Functional – Your countertop should last for decades. The material should have a proven record of reliability. Countertops that are durable are those that should clean easily without staining, cracking, or dulling. 

  • Timeless – Your modern countertop should never look dated. If a countertop material is best described with racy phrases about its “personality,” it will likely be out-of-style within five years. 

  • Sustainable – No matter how eco-friendly a modern countertop claims to be, it should last for many years. If you have to replace it five years after installation, there’s nothing sustainable about it. 

  • Cost Effective – The look and use of the countertop should be proportional to the cost. If you pay 800 dollars for a countertop that only lasts five years, it’s not as cost effective as paying $3000 for a countertop that lasts for 30 years. 

  • Durable – Modern countertops should look good for as long as you own them. There’s nothing wrong with materials that weather, as this can make them more interesting and valuable over time. But you should not have to obsess over every spill and stain.  

Best Modern Countertop Material 

There are several materials that carry these qualities. For the best modern countertop material in your home, consider one of the following:  

  • PentalQuartz –Non-porous and water resistant, this material is made of 90 percent crushed natural quartz. It comes in a wide range of colors from darker tones to white hues.

  • Paperstone – More common in modern countertops, this material needs to be resealed regularly. However, it can be re-sanded and refinished, giving you an advantage in the case of an ugly red wine stain. 

  • Laminate – There’s a reason it’s been around so long. Not only is it highly cost-effective, it has lasting durability. The patterns and colors are more modern than ever, giving it a timeless quality. 

  • Custom Granite – Granite is a very tough stone, which is perfect for use in the kitchen. There are so many types of granite stone, it can be time consuming to find just the right one for your needs. But if you take the time, you’ll end up with a unique and handsome centerpiece in your home. 

  • Stainless Steel (with a non-directional finish) – It looks beautiful for decades and is one of the most durable modern countertop material available. The orbital finish conceals small, day-to-day scratches, but it weathers beautifully. 

Choose Us For Your Modern Countertop Needs 

If you’re still undecided about what type of modern countertop would work best in your home, let the professionals at Global Construction help you choose. We’ve experimented with many different types of countertops covering a range of materials, manufacturers, and methods. For the best experience from decision to installation, contact us today.