Are You Adding Value To Your Home

Are You Adding Value To Your Home

In one way, a home can be viewed a little bit like a car. When you drive your car off of the lot, it begins to lose value, and while homes don’t devalue in quite the same way, they do decrease in value as they age. The way you can keep your home’s value high in both monetary value and prospective buyer interest value is through renovation and home improvement, keeping your home modern and current with the day’s latest styles and technologies.

A comfortable, modern, and convenient home is a home that prospective buyers will be naturally drawn to. The conveniences and comforts that may have been considered top of the line a couple short decades ago are considered “dated” today, so what can you do to bring value back to your space? With professional renovation and home improvement, you have your ticket to bringing your value back. 

Top Renovations And Improvements That Bring Value

When it comes to value, not all renovations and improvements are the same, and not all bring the same amount of value to your space. If you’re looking to maximize your investment through increased home value, there are a few renovations that you should prioritize above all others. The top renovations and home improvements that bring guaranteed value to your home are: 

  • Kitchen remodeling – Kitchen remodeling is a huge seller, and it can increase your home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars, allowing you to recoup more than half of the cost of the renovation in increased value alone. While recouping some of the cost, it may seem like this isn’t a sound investment, but what it does for your home’s curb appeal is crucial. The kitchen is an entertaining space, it’s a used space, and it’s an important space, so it’s a space that prospective buyers will look at under a microscope. A full kitchen renovation for a modern look and usefulness can sway your home to sell much faster.

  • Bathroom renovation – Next to the kitchen, the second most used areas of the home are your bathrooms. A bathroom renovation can hold almost as much power as a kitchen renovation, allowing you to sell more quickly and recoup much of your investment.

  • Energy efficient improvements – Making improvements to your home in the realm of energy efficiency is another value adding idea, as more and more home buyers look to energy efficiency and limiting their carbon footprint. Prospective buyers will also know that their energy costs will be lowered as they enjoy a more sustainable living space.

Improve Your Space For You Or For Sale

Home renovations and improvements aren’t just suitable for homes going up for sale, they can also make your everyday life easier and more pleasant in your space. Consulting the pros is always a great idea when looking into where your home could use improvement, and we have just the professionals you need. For more on renovating your home for increased value, contact us at Global Construction today.