Planning Is Still Possible For Commercial Projects

Planning Is Still Possible For Commercial Projects

The United States is now in the grips of the COVID-19 virus, but perhaps more shockingly, it has catapulted past even the originating nation of China to become the global epicenter of the disease. This has upturned many of the normal living and work activities that people and businesses have taken for granted.

While many states are now urging shelter-in-place guidance, and the temporary cessation of businesses deemed non-essential, that doesn’t mean work stops. And when it comes to major projects, such as a commercial construction project, the earliest stages may be able to continue, even during these times.

It’s Always A Good Time To Plan

Depending on your location, state government guidance may have already declared some business activities non-essential and therefore advised to temporarily shutdown. Some industries, such as logistics, have obvious importance, as transporting goods around the country is still very much required. Others, such as renovating homes for resale, aren’t considered priorities.

But major commercial projects, especially if they are just getting off the ground, and are still in the planning phase, can always move forward. After all, the actual construction work is only one part of the process. Success in execution lies in meticulous planning.

Opportunities For The Future

As the old saying goes, the Chinese character for “crisis” also includes opportunity. With COVID-19 currently putting many activities on lockdown, the construction portion of a project is much rarer right now. In the future, however, once restrictions ease up, there will be many businesses hungry to get active again.

People who have the resources to plan and invest now give themselves a first-mover advantage when the wheels of commerce and industry start to move again. Being able to prepare now means that when the time comes, there will be no waiting. Other partners won’t have a full schedule that you need to workaround. Construction teams will have their pick of the best vendors to work with. Being able to move quickly and take advantage of this means being prepared.

Take The Time

For any business that is just at the start of a commercial construction journey, the “downtime” is something you can use to your advantage. Seek out the experts and get consultations. Email, phone calls, and teleconferencing options are all still viable during the pandemic.

More importantly, however, few businesses are so overwhelmed with work right now that you’ll have to be put on a long waiting list. People are still eager to work during the pandemic, even if the actual construction may not be in the cards right now. You can take this time to work out your ideas, get proper guidance for the architecture and functionality of your building, and start laying the groundwork for the blueprints and the people that will be involved in a project of this magnitude.

If you’re ready to think about moving forward with your commercial construction plans, we can help. Contact Global Construction to find out how you can move forward, and be prepared to run efficiently and comprehensively when the time comes to break ground and start building.