Boosting Employee Productivity for 2020 With Proper Office Updates

Boosting Employee Productivity for 2020 With Proper Office Updates

As a new year rolls in, most companies will be looking at ways to improve productivity for their operations. The start of the year is the best time to start, which is why office renovations also become common during this time. 

If you are thinking of renovating your office space, explore how some of these tips can apply to your own team. While renovation can definitely give your space and manpower a boost of energy with the new vibe of the location, you can make the new elements work to your advantage as well. 

Healthy Workspaces Encourage More Focus

Industries like the tech industry tend to have longer work hours and deal with more stress. Thus, most of its office design tends to work around alleviating that stress so that productivity can result from the changes.

For these industries, manpower attendance and work practices in the office tend to contribute highly to success. This is why a lot of tech offices tend to have more creative and quirky workspaces—the goal is to make their employees feel like they are somehow at home.  

This set-up relaxes the employees, and makes them feel more in control of themselves. Combining healthier workspaces with accessible benefits allows them to switch between task and breaks, to better refocus their minds when fatigue settles in.

During the renovation planning phase, don’t forget to add ample break rooms and rest hubs. These are not just for quirky spaces, but they encourage employees to sneak five minutes into their time to recalibrate themselves before getting back into gear.

Recalibrate with the Right Colors

Did you know that colors can influence your employees’ mood and productivity? Far beyond aesthetics, the workspace can passively influence the overall productivity just by activating certain moods in specific spaces. 

Color psychology should come into play the next time you are planning to repaint an area. The most important thing is to know the specific use of a room and the goals that you plan to achieve there.

Each color activates a specific mood: red can energize, pink can calm down, blue can instigate productivity, and green can trigger and start up creative thinking. Thus, you will want to paint your break rooms with pink, board rooms and meeting rooms with red, and individual cubicles or workstations with shades of green or blue. 

This does not have to be a clear-cut delineation of colors. As long as the dominant color is present, you can still be creative in how you repaint your office space. 

Redesigning Based on the Brand

Commercial improvements do not only take into consideration what the administration likes. Office construction involves evaluating the look based on the brand

When conducting the preliminary research and preparations, tap the marketing and brand strategy arm of your office. They know the brand story more than anyone, so having their insights can help with the overall renovation. 

By designing based on the brand, you will know how to streamline production based on goals. Even the look can be influenced by the brand, and it will feel more organic when you include quirks that are specific to your brand. 

Global Construction merges aesthetics with practical value in the commercial and office renovation industry. An important step in its construction is to know the brand inside out, so that it can streamline renovation with the company’s goals.