4 Ways Millennials are Influencing Office Design in Commercial Buildings

4 Ways Millennials are Influencing Office Design in Commercial Buildings

The number of millennials entering the workforce increases quickly. With these high numbers, we see a difference in the way a workspace is designed and created.

Millennials entering the workforce are often looking for work-life balance and a more collaborative and comfortable work environment. They also try to find the most flexibility possible when it comes to their daily schedule, so they are changing the way we look at office design.

Design for Communication and Collaboration

Having access to technology 24/7 is important and is changing the way people work today. This means that many millennials are attracted to a more open workspace that allows them to easily and quickly communicate with others. This kind of environment offers easy contact.

It is also a design that helps to promote collaboration within the workplace as well. It is a more laid back style office area where it is easy for everyone to share ideas and work in what is considered a much less restrictive environment. Office cubicles are no longer needed in office design.

Workplace Flexibility

Many millennials want the option and flexibility of working at home, which means that the space requirements in commercial office buildings are decreased. They need a much smaller area of space that can be reserved when they choose to work at the office rather than at home. So, if it is time for your building to go through a renovation, keep this in mind as you design the space.

Tech-Centered Workplaces

Millennials are referred to as the digital nomads of our time. They are very familiar with all kinds of technology, from computers and the internet to smartphones and other smart technology. So, when designing and building a commercial office space, it is essential to consider the components a tech-centered workplace will need the most, including strong Wi-Fi signals, USB ports, and charging stations.

Tasteful Design

Finally, millennials are well aware of design and check several sites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. Having access to online design elements allow a millennial to create a well-designed and tasteful office space. They can also find some very budget-friendly options that will work well in the commercial office space and can be applied during the next renovation.

When you have a commercial building, and you are planning on a renovation, you need to keep the tastes of the millennial in mind. Not only will it make your commercial construction project much more interesting, but it will also help you reign in the costs involved with the renovation, and helps you design the best space for the business at hand.

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